First post – and introductions…

Bear with us – blogging is entirely new to our family; we’re totally just groping around in the dark! Despite our inexperience, we are going to give this the old college try. So here goes…

About Us

I guess introductions are in order. My name is Rich Wickstrom, and this is a site that I’ve created for my family and me.

Rich in his natural habitat (in the garage smoking a cigar)
Rich in his natural habitat (in the garage smoking a cigar)


The actual catalyst for creating this site was the completion of a xylophone that my son, Jack, and I built. I’ve always taken advantage of the vast information available on the internet. I am, however, guilty of not really giving back. Our xylophone project was extremely unique but had a very limited audience. It seemed to me, however, that maybe,just maybe, there was at least one person out there who could make use of my highly-specific information. But before jumping in to the xylophone project, let me take a moment to introduce my family.

Here’s we are:

Powerpuff Girls (feat. Hit Girl)

From left to right, that’s Jack, Rich, Lily and Lynette.

We don’t always dress up as cartoon superheros. Here’s a photo to prove it:

The family
The fam

Our Site Name

Oh yeah, why

One day, my daughter, Lily, and I were brainstorming name ideas; we were gravitating towards names that were quirky and sort of self-deprecating. The mashup “super mediocre” eventually came up. We liked that it was an oxymoron and sort of off-balance; it fit our family in some twisted way.  I checked if the domain was available – it was (big shocker).

In the end, we thought the name supermediocre was, um…perfectly OK.

4 thoughts on “First post – and introductions…”

  1. Nice website. I got here from the Speedy Metals newsletter. I suspect you will make a lot of new “friends” this way. 🙂

    The xylophone is amazing! I made some simple wind chimes following Lee Hite’s info ( Pretty simple compared to the xylophone…

    I live in NC, but I am a transplant from the Southwest. I grew up in Phoenix, but lived in Santa Fe for a few years when I was a kid. I like seeing the background in some of your pictures. NM is a beautiful place.

    I also have chickens and I’m working on an automatic door using a motorized car antenna. Your design is clever.

    Thanks for sharing this information.


    1. Thanks for the kind words Brian. The project was challenging, but was a blast to build. This is the first time I’ve really added anything to the web – always been an internet taker. But there really wasn’t much info out there; at least not end-to-end.

      Yeah, NM is the best. I grew up in Indiana, but love the Southwest.

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. I enjoyed reading your posts about the xylophone project. I also found this in the Speedy Metals newsletter, and they are a good source for most metals, although sometimes is cheaper and their shipping is fast and cheap. I’m impressed by your woodworking skills, but I am more into metalworking and electronics. Many of my projects are documented in another website,, as well as the HomeShopMachinist forum, and BTW, when did you get ice and snow in NM, as in your home page image?

    1. Hi Paul – Glad you liked the xylophone build. There was a lot of woodworking in there, but most of the work was figuring out how to compute the bar shapes and writing/refining software. It was cool to see the physics accurately predict (mostly) the empirical data.

      You metal working guys are making me jealous – I’ve got to get some machines :-). I’ve bought stuff from McMaster, but didn’t realize they sold stock. That’s a good tip.

      Yeah, we get snow in Albuquerque a few times a winter. I want to say that photo was taken in early December. It’s usually just a dusting, but this was a good 4 inches. We ended up using it for our Christmas card. My daughter insisted on dressing like it was summer, and froze her butt off taking the picture!


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