First post – and introductions…

Bear with us – blogging is entirely new to our family; we’re totally just groping around in the dark! Despite our inexperience, we are going to give this the old college try. So here goes…

About Us

I guess introductions are in order. My name is Rich Wickstrom, and this is a site that I’ve created for my family and me.

Rich in his natural habitat (in the garage smoking a cigar)
Rich in his natural habitat (in the garage smoking a cigar)


The actual catalyst for creating this site was the completion of a xylophone that my son, Jack, and I built. I’ve always taken advantage of the vast information available on the internet. I am, however, guilty of not really giving back. Our xylophone project was extremely unique but had a very limited audience. It seemed to me, however, that maybe,just maybe, there was at least one person out there who could make use of my highly-specific information. But before jumping in to the xylophone project, let me take a moment to introduce my family.

Here’s we are:

Powerpuff Girls (feat. Hit Girl)

From left to right, that’s Jack, Rich, Lily and Lynette.

We don’t always dress up as cartoon superheros. Here’s a photo to prove it:

The family
The fam

Our Site Name

Oh yeah, why

One day, my daughter, Lily, and I were brainstorming name ideas; we were gravitating towards names that were quirky and sort of self-deprecating. The mashup “super mediocre” eventually came up. We liked that it was an oxymoron and sort of off-balance; it fit our family in some twisted way.  I checked if the domain was available – it was (big shocker).

In the end, we thought the name supermediocre was, um…perfectly OK.