We’re Famous (well…sort of…)

Popular Mechanics

Hey, we submitted our xylophone to the magazine and guess what? They put it in the magazine! Jack and I were stoked! I sent a bunch of photos and did a phone interview and the crafted the story. A scan of the article is below. The only disappointment was that they didn’t include a link to this site – still trying to get the word out 🙂

Popular Mechanics article that made us famous!
Popular Mechanics article that made us famous!

2 thoughts on “We’re Famous (well…sort of…)”

  1. I really enjoyed your xylophone saga. My wife recently bought a nearly 100-year-old one that we are restoring. Fortunately, its acoustic parts are in good shape and we only have to clean it up and build a new frame. I mentioned your site and blog in our latest blog post (sigmon-carow.com). Our readership is small, but includes some musicians and some Oak Ridge science nerds, so I hope this helps get the word out on your site. Congratulations to you and Jack.

    1. Hi Brent – Glad you enjoyed the site; it was a ton of fun building the xylophone with Jack. He continues to play it almost every day and has improved a lot. Also, thanks for the link, which might make it easier for others might find the site. I really don’t know how google indexes web sites but it doesn’t seem to like mine much. I suppose I could spend a bunch of time researching google to improve my visibility, but I’d rather be in the shop! Best of luck with your xylo!

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